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BN3TH - Comfortable Underwear January 30 2019


BN3TH - pronounced "Beneath" underwear - multiple colours and styles

BN3TH sounds like the proper spelling; 'beneath' or bee-neath, |bəˈnēTH|

BN3TH, creates engineered apparel focusing on men's underwear for all to feel confident in. They prioritize providing uncompromising support in the staple pieces that have a noticeable physical and mental impact on your everyday life.

They set out to transform the way men think and talk about underwear with their patented MyPakage Technology™ (yes it is the same MyPakage underwear with a name change) that eliminates the need for any shifting and adjusting thanks to a 3-dimensional internal pouch.

"Our inspiration begins in our backyard - the mountains, the ocean, the people, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, but extends far beyond into the amazing world we live in."  - BN3TH